Energy & Nutrition

What is NUTRITION, and why NUTRITION is so important?

What is Nutrition? Nutrition is a chain or group of essential materials in the food we eat which supplies, supports, maintains, repair, and balances life. Proper nutrition sustains human life and our health. But when the balance of these nutrients becomes either broken or unavailable, we not only become susceptible to illness, we promote the […]

Chronic Inflammation


Unfortunately, a constant state of inflammation over time can be very dangerous for our health. It lingers in the body, and it can be years until we start to feel the impact of it. Chronic inflammation is slow and insidious.  What are the symptoms of chronic inflammation? High blood pressure Obesity Type II Diabetes Heart […]

COVID-19 – Stress The importance of nutrition

Some of you saw me already on my wife’s post reading the Times Magazine’s special edition about stress. I’m gathering some valuable information about the importance of getting through our current situation with as little stress as possible. What is the connection between stress & COVID-19? Our bodies are reacting to the perception of threat […]

I’m a hypochondriac

I’m a hypochondriac. Just ask my wife! The upside is that my concerns about staying healthy have actually made me more productive when it comes to making decisions about diet and nutrition. The more I read about our food supply and US Agriculture, the more it becomes clear that the massive amount of chemicals, antibiotics, […]