I often wonder what is it that keeps me working out 4-5 times each week?

What is it that makes me choose healthy foods? And what is it that makes me continue to make these choices week after week, month after month?

I thought about this for some time until I figured it out. Now, I’d like to share my thoughts with you!

Moderate to strenuous physical activity of any kind focuses me and makes me feel present in the moment. Exercise seems to detach me from my daily stresses and concerns. After I created the habit of working out, I actually ended up craving that feeling of mindfulness! It is the desire for feeling ‘in the moment’ which keeps me committed, motivated, and inspired to maintain my workout routine. The resultanttranquility we feel after a strong workout can be felt in all types of sport activity.

Many of you know that as a child I was a professional competitive pentathlonist in Hungary. Swimming is one of the 5 sports of pentathlon. Swimming is such an amazing sport! It calms both your mind and your nervous system, because of the forced, rhythmical breathing required, and the excessive amount of oxygen intake.

When I’m exhaling under water, I often watch the bubbles of oxygen as they travel upwards and pop against the surface of the water. The different shapes the bubbles make are the abstract art of nature. This makes me feel alive and appreciate life! After all, water and oxygen are the most fundamental elements of life. I highly suggest swimming for both a low-impact, rigorous workout, and the serenity you’ll feel during and after a swim. It is truly a mind, body, and soul cleansing!

I wasn’t crazy about running earlier in life, but lately I absolutely love it! I now know why. Running makes me feel free. Freedom is a crucial element in our quest for achievement and success. When I connect running with the feeling of being free, I feel unstoppable! It is such a powerful feeling.

Some see boxing as a violent sport. But boxing trainings can, ironically, be quite healing! Boxing helps to reduce stress and anxiety, and gives us a way to channel and expel negative feelings. Releasing aggression by hitting the bag can be very therapeutic, and sparring (with appropriate protective gear) with a trained partner makes us think and strategize. The indisputable side effect of boxing is being 100% present in the moment.

When you go to the gym, or begin a sport or workout regimen, I recommend that you pick something that youtruly love...or can imagine loving over time. Without craving a sport or workout routine, it most likely won’t become a part of your lifestyle over the long run.