The best food to pack for breakfast and lunch is some fruits (which ranks low on Glycolic Index)
Why is that so important? Because even high content of sugary foods (in this case fructose)
Can rapidly increase our / the kids blood sugar level. It creates a spike!
That time the kids focus drops will be hipper and may be distracted with other things rater focusing on the teacher.

Recommendation to tackle the issue:

Like barriers, orange, watermelon, peach, pear, apple, strawberries (most kids love it.)

Of course, it will not cover either breakfasts or lunch fully therefore, the parent should pack a whole grain bread (no processed sugar added type) with one spinach and egg white omelet with some veggies. Option 2: a few slices non GMO turkey breast. Some nuts would be great near it. Pistachio, walnuts, roasted unsalted almonds.

This would cover a fantastic breakfast.

If we as parents on a rush because of our increasingly time demanding jobs, we parents can prepare a great and very healthy smoothy. Include a little plan- based protein powder. (Make sure it is not exceeding 7-8 grams. Or just simply add collagen which is great for the growing cartilage, hair and skin.

Mix it with elements that your child gravitates to and use no sugar added plant – based milk.

Do not overload it with banana but other cool fruits I’ve mentioned above. Put it in the cooler and they can nosh on it while the parents drive them to school or simply the kids can consume it in a school bus.

Lunch should include a nutrient dense and not calorie denes foods. Like Salads, a homed cooked meal with a half chicken breast, Roast sweet potato, Jam, asparagus, potato, Brussel sprouts.

Also, a great choice would be all kind of lentil and bean-based meal. Complex carbohydrates the idea here. I have mentioned before keeping the kids blood sugar level steady won’t interrupt the child focus. Humus spread on a whole grain bread with cucumber, pepper, tomato.

The richer the variation the better for our children. Not just a Nutritionist but as a Dad I highly emphasize a rich menu for my kids and, yes, we prepper food for our kids.

We parents must have the responsibility to take care of our littles onse the best was as possible and create a healthy lifestyle in that age. This is the perfect time and we as parents “driving that bus” no parent wants to see his child fall ill. So, let’s prepare them and protect them!

Most parents are not packing lunch and relaying on what the school provides, often unfortunately it includes a high amount of sugar which again makes the kids restless, plus the vending machines loaded with candy and sugary drinks. Do not give them money to purchase food. As parents let’s control what we can with in our ability.

All I have mentioned above will give our children optimal energy through the day.

Most of the food I have recombed are healthy nutrient dense carbohydrates, which is the first energy source our body utilize for energy. Not to mentioned that is easily digestible for the kids and it won’t slow them down and put our kids into “food coma” in other words it won’t slow them down and make them sleepy.