What is Nutrition?

Nutrition is a chain or group of essential materials in the food we eat which supplies, supports, maintains, repair, and balances life. Proper nutrition sustains human life and our health.

But when the balance of these nutrients becomes either broken or unavailable, we not only become susceptible to illness, we promote the creation of illness in our body. Furthermore, without proper nutrition, sustainable weight loss will not be achievable.

Many people create unhealthy habits and lifestyles without realizing the damage this way of living causes. Many are exhausted, feel run down and sometimes lack enough energy even to tackle a day’s work. 

Nutrition really boils down to energy: the calories we consume are actually units of energy! These calories are either wasted or inadequate, or nutrient and therefore energy dense. A burger with fries will provide you a lot of calories; however, these processed foods are not nutrient dense. Normally, processed foods are loaded with processed sugar, sodium, and unwanted saturated fats.

Our biological system is not designed to eat processed food—especially consistently! Nor should we rely on supplements to provide our nutrient intake, while disregarding nutrition. The answer is to consume a variety of nutrient, vitamin and mineral rich whole foods. Supplements are important for athletes, and people in the older stages of their lives, but even these groups should continue to enrich their bodies with nutritious whole foods.  

Here’s why: when vitamins and minerals are taken out of their own environment, they become less effective as they are when consumed in whole foods. Supplements aren't intended to replace food. They can't replicate all of the nutrients and benefits of whole foods, such as fruits and vegetables.

Whole foods offer greater nutrition, essential fiber, which helps reduce the risk of diabetes, stroke, and heart disease, and protective chemical substances such as antioxidants, which slow down the process of cell and tissue damage. 

The right nutrition is the key to your long-term quality of life. The right nutrition will provide you with optimal calorie intake and fuel your body in the right way. Now if we add exercise to our routine, you’ll experience increased energy, a stronger bone structure and increased muscular strength. In addition, you’ll boost your immune system and become less susceptible to illness and disease. 

With proper nutrition and exercise, you’ll feel better mentally. Along with the actions you’ve taken to live a healthier lifestyle, you’ll realize that you’ve been experiencing personal growth as a byproduct. Your life will run more smoothly as your ability to focus increases, and you’ll feel deeply fulfilled by the achievement of your goals.