Corporate Programs: U.S. and MEXICO

LifeBoostFit's innovative Lifestyle Transformation Program not only optimizes employees' physical, emotional, and mental health, but is also guaranteed to increase productivity, improve customer service benchmarks, and positively impact company morale.

Scaling up our proven Individual 3-tier program of coaching in Nutrition, Fitness, and Behavioral Modification/Habit Transformation, our team of certified pros offer 14-day and 30-day programs. Additional 3-day Maintenance Courses over a period of 1 or more years will ensure sustainable corporate cultural change, resulting in long term success.

Although machines and their maintenance are fundamental to many companies, without reliable manpower the process will be hamstrung with difficulties. For machines to consistently run smoothly, the humans operating them must be equipped with proper nutrition, fitness, and a peaceful, relaxed attitude. Only with clear thinking and focus can stress be minimized and problem-solving maximized.

In Mexico, approximately 67 million people struggle with serious health conditions which originate from their individual lifestyle. This directly harms 44 million people who are currently employed.

In the U.S., over 1 million people die each year from food-related illnesses.

What are the main "players?"
  1. Mental health: Stress - Anxiety - Fear - Depression - Addiction
  2. Physical health: Obesity - Hypertension - Type II Diabetes - Coronary Disease - Joint problems - Loss of mobility

LifeboostFit's Corporate Programs tackle all 3 essentials (Nutrition, Fitness, Habitual Change) for enhancing employee's overall health, and the health of the corporation they work for.

Our comprehensive Lifestyle Program in Mexico fulfills the main government requirements (code 034- 035-036-037).

At LifeBoostFit LLC, we have a burning desire to help people get well, get healthier, and get stronger. With the increased energy they'll have from our customized programs, our clients will achieve their goals and enjoy sustainable, long-term results!

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