YAY LifeBoost Fitness! You guys are seriously changing my life! Tibor is great, he's kind and super patient, and knows so much about not only fitness but nutrition. He's been coming to my house 3x/week with all this cool equipment for over 3 months now, and we box, or do strength training or other cardio. It's a really challenging workout that's constantly changing. But the real benefit of LifeBoost is the nutrition and HabitBoost components. Tibor is a nutritionist as well as a trainer, and is literally changing the way I eat--and more importantly--how I THINK about food. He works to uncover your unhealthy habits and has a whole system designed to replace them with good, healthy habits. I feel like not only have I lost 13 pounds (!), but when I reach my goal weight I'll be able to maintain it. I strongly recommend LifeBoost!

Judy S

I've been training with Tibor at Life Boost Fitness for 5 months now. I decided to go with him not because I wanted to lose weight (even though I needed to - I mean, don't we all), but mainly because I needed to get serious about addressing some health issues. I'd gotten a bit nervous after my last physical--I was 50 pounds overweight with high blood sugar and cholesterol. I decided that even though Life Boost Fitness wasn't the cheapest program out there, it was a holistic approach which combined fitness, organic meal delivery, and what they call HabitBoost, which identified my habits and actually changed them over time! It's kind of like reprogramming and strengthening your mind Its not about just losing the weight (which I am thanks to Tibor) but this time I'm keeping it off!! Thumbs up and 5 stars!!! HIGHLY recommend if you're in the LA area!!!!

Austin H.

My personal trainer introduced me to Tibor to help me lose weight. I admit that I was ready to start my thirtieth attempt to lose weight and keep it off. Working out was not the problem. Eating away from home seemed to be the issue that I couldn't control. I signed up with the Habit Boost program. This is exactly what I needed. Under Tibor's gentle coaching and vigilance, I have lost almost 40 lbs. I am close to my goal. He took me to Whole Foods and stressed the importance of organic high quality foods. He is so positive that rather than being negative he never voices his disapproval. So, there is no fear of shame or disapproval for not performing. The entire experience with Lifeboost has been easy. Tibor researches everything so that I know we are doing the best thing for my mind, spirit and body. The bottom line that Tibor is imprinting on my brain is that if we eat healthy foods that we love, there is no need to diet.

Deb W.

Tibor began working with me a year ago during the pandemic in the most comprehensive fitness zoom sessions and program I have ever participated in (30+ years). What touches me the most about Tibor is how he wants clients to focus on healthy lifestyle vs. weight loss. Healthy lifestyle will absolutely help you in weight loss but far more (i.e. one's blood work, mental health, bone density, etc.) Tibor also makes himself available to our young people in ways they can participate and succeed. Tibor's international training is so comprehensive in scope while providing the individual detail to each and every client. Top-notch human being and dedicated professional in the realm of Holistic health.

Dr. Kj

LifeBoostFit has had an AMAZING impact on my life! Tibor is so inspiring and knows so much about nutrition, health, and fitness. I'd highly recommend him to anyone! 5 stars!!

Lucy Celia

Tibor is extremely well-versed and educated when it comes to fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. His excitement and energy during his sessions radiates throughout. He makes it clear that his passion is health and a positive lifestyle and that is what makes him such a good coach. He is a great leader and it has been a pleasure working with him!

Carolina B.

Working with Tibor has been a delightful experience. His knowledge of fitness, diet and habit forming, is extensive. Yet he makes it all easy and fun! I lost 22lbs and feel great!

Paula N.

I am not a fitness person, so I was VERY nervous about signing up to work with a trainer/nutritionist, but Tibi was amazing - he never made me feel ashamed about bad habits or my limitations (which was my issue with past trainers). He's just really happy to help clients meet their own goals, whatever they may be and a total fitness nerd who gets authentically excited about educating people on how their bodies function. He even went as far as working out an arrangement with me when I decided I wanted to try celery juice every morning to help with some digestive issues but was too lazy to make my own, so he dropped some off every day for the first couple of weeks. He's really a caring, happy guy and I'd say a perfect fit for all fitness levels.

Liz S.

After having reached a certain age, I was forced to accept that I needed to make changes in both my eating and exercise habits. Rising glucose, increasing bad cholesterol along with increasing aches and pains in my back and legs - my doctor told me to lose weight and change my eating habits if I didn't want to suffer from even worse health problems. I've tried all the various and sundry diets with names that are all too familiar. I've experienced the madness of the 24-hour type gyms, switched to the ever-popular circuit gyms and even shelled out big money for smaller gyms with a trainer there to assist. None helped me achieve my goals or allowed for long-term solutions. I'm just not motivated enough to exercise on my own and have a great work out; I need guidance, counseling and encouragement. The answer for me is Tibor and his team at Life Boost Fitness. It's a work out to be sure, but it is exercise my way based on my needs, my body type and what I like to do. Much of the time that I've spent with Tibor is about life beyond just the traditional work out. He has continually monitored my eating habits and gently guided me in a better nutritional direction. It's not a "diet" that is being recommended but a way for me to eat fully with recommendations for cooking at home and eating out. I've received great assistance in coming up with things that I can cook over the weekend and take to work with me to eat for lunch. There has been counseling for how much sleep I get, how to manage stress and how I can both set and achieve real goals. It would be inaccurate to say that Life Boost Fitness has just provided me with a personal trainer for exercise, instead, it's a personalized 360 healthy lifestyle plan with my own coach standing beside me every step of the way. I've changed for the better and I've become a healthier person through Life Boost Fitness.

Matthew H.

LifeBoost TM is a good program to follow CDC's guidelines for weight management. Tibor is an excellent and professional tutor. He understands customers' needs, analyzes their living and eating habits, determines the factors leading to obesity, and formulate targeted weight management programs and nutritious recipes for customers' situations and dietary problems. Just as we go to the doctor when we are sick, the doctor must go through a series of tests before prescribing medicine and treatment to the patient. Also, Tibor will constantly adjust the program according to customer's feelings and weight changes to reach the target weight. At the same time, he will also tailor the behavior change plan to improve the body's metabolism, such as improving sleep quality, relieving emotional stress, etc. Improving the overall physical quality, and achieving the purpose of burning fat and losing weight healthily. I also like that we learn a lot from reading research on diabetes prevention, which helps us be aware of obesity. The weekly virtual fitness challenge is motivated and exciting. What's more, the program's target population is varied since it provides Spanish classes for those who only speak Spanish.

Norah M.

Tibor's virtual class is very interactive. You will definitely get a sweaty workout with a nice relaxing stretch at the end of each session. Tibor is very energized and will make sure you get a good workout.

Jamaica A.

Everyone could use a LifeBoost!!! Working with LifeBoostFit was awesome and I'd even say kind of life changing! I really liked the company's approach. Its not just becoming healthy and fit but staying that way. I had seriously tried everything before. Atkins diet, shake diets, paleo. I lost weight fast but I gained it back very fast when I stopped. I'm still working with LifeBoostFit and I love the longterm approach. I'm finally maintaining my weight! Highly recommending LBFitness!

Shelley H.

The knowledge and the passion that comes from Tibor is amazing!! From his blog posts to his training sessions and beyond, you won't find a better 1 stop shop for everything you need to reach your fitness and nutrition goals. You can even put on the boxing gloves and take out all your stress on the bag!!! Knowledge + Passion + Motivation = Results!!!

Brett C.

Tibor has been training me now for 3 months. Thanks to him, he has educated me on the importance of food choice, exercise, and mindset. He has changed my life and has steered me into the right direction. He makes everything about you and motivates you of what is possible. He thrives on being positive and his knowledge of fitness is all knowing. I physically feel better than I ever have. "We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong, the amount of work is the same". Thanks to Tibor i have chose to be strong!

Josh R.

I met Tibo at the common pool last July where we were spending our family holidays. My two young childer ages 11, 13 and I watched him training a couple of his clients at the pool. We really liked his approach to training the swimmers and asked him to train all three of us to better improve our swimming skills. We all received great coaching in preparation and techniques and as a result, we are since enjoying a more satisfying time swimming on our own. We also had a brief coaching on how to lose our bad habits in making unhealthy food choices. His customized education and mindfulness tape that was made available to us to take home has helped us in making healthier choices when we are craving for food. I highly recommend Tibo's organization in helping improving lifestyles.

Milter A.

Working with Tibor and LIFEBOOSFIT, has brought a different level of balance to my life that I knew I needed, but struggled with finding consistency. With kindness, compassion, and patience Tibor has transformed my entire outlook on physical fitness, diet, and quite frankly- making me a priority. Taking my busy schedule and finding a space for our workouts, our check-in, and our meal prep has been transformative for my body, my mind, and my spirit. Thanks, T, for always holding space for me...